[sane-devel] film scanner in linux?

Rene Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 11:36:34 +0200


Ivan Fernandez wrote:

>>>Hello, and sorry if this is slightly off-topic.  I've been thinking
>>>about buying a dedicated slide/negative scanner, but none of the models
>>>I've seen in the market seem to be supported by SANE.  Could anyone give
>>>me recommendations about which film scanners work well under Linux?
>>If "in the market" includes also older or second-hand models,
>>thre are some SANE-supported film scanners. The Canon FS2710S
>>does work (2700 dpi, SCSI interface); if you need higher resolutions
>>or IR channel, you should look for Minolta or Nikon.
> Unfortunately, I'd need a USB (or Firewire) interface.  Thanks for the
> Minolta tip, now I've seen the Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II appears as
> supported.  Does anybody know if the same backend will support the
> Dimage Scan Dual IV, which seems to be the current model?  This
> definitely seems to be within my budget.  Any thoughts on price/quality
> relationship in this series?

The older Duals work fine with the Avision backend - at least the III is
also "Avision technology" based - but not yet working well (I know some
people playing with newwer models).


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