[sane-devel] CinePaint and sane

Robin Rowe rower@MovieEditor.com
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 21:42:38 -0700


> I'm the author of the Avision backend and have (multiple) 16bit per 
> channel scanners here in the office - and the SANE/Avision backend already 
> supports 16bit scanning for some time now.


> In my position of project leader of T2 (a System Development Environment - 
> http://www.t2-project.org) I'm accidently also the packager of cinepaint 
> (http://www.t2-project.org/packages/cinepaint.html) and inherently 
> interested in 16bps imaging under Linux.

Very interesting! Hadn't seen T2 before.

Speaking of 16-bit, printing support at 16-bit is coming to CinePaint 
through integration with GutenPrint.

> What help do you need on your plugin side? Also note that you will need a 
> seperate code-path for TWAIN support under OS X and Windows ...

Thanks, not ready yet for help on plug-ins. Maybe in a month or two when the 
new stuff is better documented.

Seeking ideas now from those who think blue sky, who aren't married to GIMP 
or any other existing architecture. Now's a good time to offer suggestions 
of features you wish could be supported in our new design. Any thoughts?

Our new architecture looks inside-out from our legacy GIMP-based 
architecture. You won't need to write a plug-in to access CinePaint 
(although you still could). External apps will be able to directly access 
CinePaint shared images in RAM. Through flscan, images will get loaded into 
CinePaint without CinePaint being aware of TWAIN or flscan or necessarily 
even being running at the same time. CinePaint, flscan, flphoto, Blender, 
GraphicsMagick and a new renderfarm graphics app called img_img will 
interoperate without being linked together or spawning each other.


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