[sane-devel] Canon D1250u2

Julien BLACHE jb@jblache.org
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 17:56:44 +0200

Julien HENRY <henryju@yahoo.fr> wrote:

> I have questions: how can I manage buttons in sane
> backend ? I would like to create a new thread at the
> start of computer, that can send events (to what ?) if
> a button is pressed. What function will start this
> thread? Should I write a separate module for the
> kernel ?

There is nothing defined to support the front panel buttons in the
current SANE standard. You'll have to wait for SANE 2.

Rene Rebe did something for the avision backend, you might want to
have a look at that. Also have a look to the current SANE 2 draft


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