[sane-devel] Re: Need recomendation linux/sane compat scanner w/fast 2bit/greyscale ADF

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk@yahoo.com
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 23:17:18 -0400

m. allan noah wrote:
> i only know fujitsu models, so i am sure there are others, but the
> fi-4120C2 is pretty fast, and the sane support is ok for binary and
> grayscale.

Thanks for the reply. The fujitsu models were my leading candidates.
Thanks for your work on the SANE support for these.

The fi-4120c2 is particularly attractive due to the USB 2.0 interface.
I'll be using this unit with my laptop from time to time, and prefer to
connect it to both the server and laptop with USB 2.0

Question: Does the fi-4120c2 take advantage of its 600dpi optical
resolution to scan 300dpi (and perhaps even 600dpi) at the full 25ppm
speed? The data sheets only list comparison specs of 150dpi and 200dpi at
25ppm, there's no mention of the higher resolutions' effective speed.

> the usb issues seem more linux kernel dependent than sane. 2.4 with
> libusb has worked better than the early 2.6 kernels, but the recent
> 2.6.10+ seems to be fine (finally, some 'stable' series this is :)

I currently run Gentoo Linux with a kernel of 2.6.11, libusb-0.1.10a,
udev-056 and HAL. So I should be alright to use the USB greyscale/1bit ADF