[sane-devel] Re: Help

Martin Collins martin@mkcollins.org
Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:46:46 +0100

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 23:03:14 +0200
"Jean-Guy" <fa602749@skynet.be> wrote:

> Hi Martin,

Please reply to the mailing list (only - I don't need two copies) so
other people can chip in and so the archives are enriched. You need to
use the Reply All button then check your To: and Cc: lines as
different lists set them variously.
Also, a more descriptive subject line is crucial if the archives are
to be useful.
Sorry to nag you about netiquette but it's important to keep the
signal to noise ratio up.

> The SCSI card is not recognised on bootup. I ahve to install the
> sane backend, but wich one and how to do it? 

First you have to get your SCSI card recognised which is not a sane
issue, although the sane-scsi man page has info on this. There are
also SCSI HOWTOs which are easily googled.
Basically you have to load the appropriate kernel module for your
card, and the sg module.
As to the sane backend, they all get installed when you install
sane-backends and they all get probed when you run a frontend. The
right one should be chosen automatically.