[sane-devel] mustek BearPaw 4800

Adrian Maier Adrian Maier <adrian.maier@gmail.com>
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 09:47:42 +0300

On 4/23/05, Miroslav Jurkas <miroslav.jurkas@k2.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm the one that tried to obtain windows driver source from Mustek.
> Unfortunately this took tooo long (8 months!). When I finaly received
> particular windows driver source, I was no longer in possition to invest
> my time in driver development. This is the present status. I still work
> on comercial project (beside my regulat job) and it will take month or
> two (hopefully less) to complete. Than I will see.
I see. Thanks for the reply.=20
Have you managed to look at (and understand) the scanner's=20
communication protocol yet?  =20

Adrian Maier