[sane-devel] Genesys gl841

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org
Wed Aug 3 14:35:23 UTC 2005


Yesterday i got gl841_slow_back_home to work correctly.

I noticed that sanei_genesys_create_slope_tables generates a slope table
which starts at about 100 and ends at 2100. This table is unusable (at
least with my canon lide 35). The windows driver sends a linear table
starting with a value of 5152 and ending with 1596.

So i conclude that the gl646 expects the shortest pixeltime first, while
the gl841 wants the longest pixeltime first.
Is this correct or am i doing something wrong?

Currently i am using a simple for-loop to generate my tables, but this
cannot be a long term solution.

I found the slope table handling code to be not endian-safe, at least in
experimental cvs. The slope tables are always sent in machine endianness.


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