[sane-devel] latest sane screwed up my hoary box

Jon Dodson jbdodson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 16:36:17 UTC 2005

so i downloaded the latest sane to support my astra scanner.

i ran configure, no worries, ran make, no worries.

ran "sudo checkinstall -D" and my whole box went crazy.  windows
started popping up, then all my gnome icons were X'ed out.  finally i
can not login in it says  Cannot cd to "/home/jdodson" I cant login
with any other user.  I downloaded sane via your website, WTF kind of
software is this?  Some sort of trojan?

it was the sanebackend 1.0.15 from here:

I am using an old laptop because all I can do it go into single user
mode on my ubuntu machine, a little help here as you caused the issue
in the first place?

btw I install packages from source all the time, first issue i have ever had.


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