[sane-devel] Scanning for VistA

Nancy Anthracite nancy at anthracite.name
Sat Aug 13 13:44:03 UTC 2005

I am a volunteer with an organization called WorldVistA - www.worldvista.org - 
which works to promote the use of the Department of Veterans Affairs' 
"VistA", the public domain electronic medical record and hospital management 
system, outside of the VA.  VistA runs on Windows with Cache from 
Intersystems (it is written in M) and has been ported to Linux, running on 
GT.M (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sanchez-gtm) .  VistA is being adapted 
by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to make it suitable 
for use in physicians offices and is soon to be released as VistA-Office EHR.  
VistA has a Food and Drug Administration regulated imaging system, but it is 
not something suitable for use outside of a major medical center. Thus, there 
needs to be some software developed for scanning documents for use in 
physicians offices and small hospitals both in the US and overseas.

All this leads up to my question.  We have some volunteers working on 
developing the software to do that scanning now, and we are looking for a 
cross platform solution.  We feel that using SANE is the logical choice, but 
we need some help choosing a scanner or group go scanners that can be used 
from both Windows and Linux and maybe even eventually with OS X as seamlessly  
as possible using SANE.  We would like to choose scanners that have sheet 
feeders, and ideally, a range of scanners from high speed business to very 
small business type for no more than a $200. Having scanners that are easy to 
get running properly is much more important than having a wide range of 

We would really appreciate some advice.   I am not much of a programmer, so 
the programmers are working on the development part and I am working on 
trying to get this issue sorted out for them. I would be happy to call anyone 
in the US or Canada to discuss it if that would be easier than posting an 
answer here on the list.  I know from my end, when people ask me about VistA, 
it can take a long discussion!  I use Skype www.skype.com generally for 
talking with folks overseas. My email is nancy at anthracite dot com .  

Thank you all for your consideration and for reading this long post!
Nancy Anthracite

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