[sane-devel] Scanning for VistA

Giuseppe Sacco giuseppe at eppesuigoccas.homedns.org
Tue Aug 16 12:46:03 UTC 2005

Hi Nancy,
I think your question already appeared on this list so you might have a
look at the list archives.

Il giorno sab, 13/08/2005 alle 09.44 -0400, Nancy Anthracite ha scritto:
> All this leads up to my question.  We have some volunteers working on 
> developing the software to do that scanning now, and we are looking for a 
> cross platform solution.  We feel that using SANE is the logical choice, but 
> we need some help choosing a scanner or group go scanners that can be used 
> from both Windows and Linux and maybe even eventually with OS X as seamlessly  
> as possible using SANE.  We would like to choose scanners that have sheet 
> feeders, and ideally, a range of scanners from high speed business to very 
> small business type for no more than a $200. Having scanners that are easy to 
> get running properly is much more important than having a wide range of 
> choices.

Anyway I had very bad experiences using SANE on Windows with cheep
scanners, mainly because these scanners require the libusb library. This
library is working very well on linux but is absolutely not stable (at
least for uwing it with SANE) on Windows.

About scanner with ADF support, you might want to try the fujitsu (they
have both USB and SCSI interface) and they are well supported by SANE,
but they are expensive compared to what you asked.


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