[sane-devel] "geniusvp2" backend and SANE 1.0.16

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Sun Aug 14 16:57:12 UTC 2005

Till Kamppeter wrote:
> I am packaging SANE 1.0.16 for Mandriva Linux currently. Unfortunately,
> I did not get the patch for the "geniusvp2" backend applied:
> [...]


I'll work on updating the backend to SANE 1.0.16 ASAP...

> Can you update your patch? Or better, can you make a distribution
> without patch, having the additional files as usual files and a script
> placing the files in the source tree and adding necessary stuff into the
> configure.in/.ac file and the Makefile.in and then run
> autoconf/automake. In patches you should also never generate patches on
> machine-generated files (like configure) but only on human-entered files
> (like configure.in/.ac), so that the patch gets small and simple.
> Otherwise there is no chance to manually adapt the patch to a new
> version of SANE. The best is to avoid patches as a source tarball. It is
> a maintenance nightmare.

I've created a standalone source tarball (similar to
sane-extra-backends) that will be used on the next release. It only
compiles and installs the geniusvp2 backend, and it should be more
friendly to test and install.

> I have temporarily deactivated the "geniusvp2" backend in the Mandriva
> SANE RPM now. I will put it back in as soon as an update is available.

A new backend will be available soon.

Anderson Lizardo
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