[sane-devel] Re: Getting Mustek 1200 UB Plus scanner working

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Mon Aug 15 17:48:16 UTC 2005


On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 04:45:18PM -0400, Martin wrote:
> I copied the firmware file to "/opt/gt68xx/sbfw.usb"
> and edited the file "gt68xx.conf"


> ----------------
> # Mustek ScanExpress 1200 UB Plus:
> override "mustek-scanexpress-1200-ub-plus"
> firmware "/opt/gt68xx/SBfw.usb"
> ----------------

First, above of that there must be "usb 0x05d8 0x4002".

Second, mind the capitalization of the firmware (SBfw.usb in config
file, sbfw.usb in directory). Only the latest SANE version will ignore
the case.

Third: Is the scanner detected by sane-find-scanner? If not, either
your kernel has no USB support, /proc/bus/usb is not mounted or SANE
is build without libusb support.

> and copied it to "cp gt68xx.conf /etc/sane.d/"

gt68xx.conf should alread exist in /etc/sane.d/ if you use SANE from
your distribution.

> and then ran "/usr/bin/sane-find-scanner -v"
> but my scanner was not found.

See above. This is most probably not a SANE problem because
sane-find-scanner just asks the kernel about the USB devices.

> 1) What dev port does the system look at to find my scanner, and, do I have 
> to mount it?

SANE uses libusb and that library looks at all USB devices connected
to the system. Devices are usually located in /proc/bus/usb/ . This
file system must be mounted (see man sane-usb).

> 2) From some other reading I did, does a module need to be loaded, such as, 
> (or something similar)?
> insmod /lib/modules/2.4.20-31.9/kernel/drivers/usb/scanner.o vendor=0x055f 
> product=0x0006

The scanner module is not needed anymore. You just need kernel USB

What's the output of "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" and
"sane-find-scanner -v -v"?


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