[sane-devel] Epson 2400 and transparency scanning geometry

bob rjerrard at math.concordia.ab.ca
Thu Aug 25 04:39:29 UTC 2005

Hello, I am new to the list. Scanning with gimp 2.2, xsane 0.97 GT-9300,
and the Epson 2400 Photo scanner, regular scanning works fine. But when
the transparency unit is selected the geometry is not automatically set
to the center portion of the bed where the transparency light is, the
default geometry is at the left edge of the bed. The advanced options
allow the top-left to be reset to any value but the bottom-right can
only go up to 4.826 cm which is not anywhere near where it needs to be.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to get the correct geometry
for scanning transparencies that I have yet to find?

Thanks for any help, Robert Jerrard

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