[sane-devel] Super CoolScan Slide Feeders

Nigel Feltham nigel at feltham-family.co.uk
Sat Aug 27 11:20:13 UTC 2005

I cannot help with info on the SF-100 but the LS-1000 scanner itself works 
fine under SANE. 

The only Nikon film scanner to avoid is the original LS-10 as it's a real pain 
to get it to work (the reason I gave up and upgraded to LS-1000) - I have one 
and it's impossible to use reliably on either windows or linux unless using 
an ISA SCSI controller (so needs an old PC) and is unsupported by SANE. 
It does work intermittenyly under Vuescan on Linux on a PCI card (according to 
Nikon's website it doesn't work at all under windows on PCI so one point for 
Linux there) but only for actual scanning - automatic calibration fails. The 
reason appears to be that it only supports SCSI 1 data speeds and PCI cards 
try to transfer data too quick (they only support SCSI II and later) and 
corrupt it.

You may want to email the makers of Vuescan ( http://www.hamrick.com/ ) about 
support for the Slide feeders  - the software's not free but does support 
many scanners (mostly SCSI) that SANE doesn't as they have proprietry info 
that the manufacturers won't give SANE coders access to (due to NDA's that 
mean the resulting Source cannot be distributed).

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