[sane-devel] Super CoolScan Slide Feeders

Alexander Oelzant alexander+sane at oelzant.priv.at
Fri Aug 26 20:46:38 UTC 2005

There has been an unanswered request about the level of support for
the legendary SF-200/210 before; do they work automatically with the
batch scan option? Or is the way to talk to them another one of the
NDA-guarded secrets of Nikon's? What about LS-1000/SF-100 which can
occasionally be found at iAuction houses?

I am half-heartedly thinking about getting a used SL-2000 with
SF-200/210, but if there is no chance of getting this (or a 4000/5000
combination provided the price is right) to work with some tweaking,
an LS-30 or -40 would be the more cost-efficient version.


ObDevel: is the purported 12-bit output depth on LS-30 perhaps only
obtainable with multisampling - and cannot multisampling with or without
hw support at slightly different r/g/b gain values provide
(logarithmically) more bits?

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