[sane-devel] Epson 3490

Bjorn Solberg bjorn_sane at hekneby.org
Wed Aug 31 16:34:01 UTC 2005

Jim MacLeod writes:

> I'm new to scanning and relatively new to Linux. Searched the web for info
> and got the impression, which others confirmed, that generally anything
> epson works with Linux, but maybe not the 3490! sane-find-scanner gets
> vendor and product code but scanimage -L finds nothing.

> Having now read a previous mail about the 4490 I'm guessing that the same
> applies to the 3490, ie no go..are my fears justified?

Somewhat.  See the thread starting at 

	Message-ID: <m37jet91od.fsf at pacbell.net>

for my problems - it uses the snapscan backend.  I had to install the
scanner under Windows first, then copy the firmware file to my Linux
partition and edit the config file for the snapscan backend accordingly.

That made scanimage recognize and use the scanner, but it is unable to
scan the full page.  It only scans 75-80% of the width and height.
Subsequent questions have gone unanswered and I've had limited time to
look into the backend code myself so I think my solution is to return the
scanner within the next few days and rather get one that is supported by


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