[sane-devel] Epson 3490

Bjorn Solberg bjorn_sane at hekneby.org
Wed Aug 31 20:24:46 UTC 2005

Oliver Schwartz writes:


> Can you please check a few things:
> - What frontend are you using?

scanimage, the CVS version from 20050815.

> - Does "scanimage" as frontend scan the correct area? E.g. does 
> "scanimage -x 10 -y 10" scan an area of 10x10 cm? Please try with 
> different resolutions.

I've tried the full area with resolutions from 150 up to 1200, but got
the same reduced (75-80%) area every time.  I've tried a smaller area
with resolution 150, and saw similar reduction in the expected scanned
area, but I'll have to do some more testing tonight to give you
definitive numbers for that.

> - What firmware file version are you using? The easiest way to find 
> out is running 

> strings firmware.bin | tail

> on your firmware file.

I don't have access to that information right now, so I'll check that
tonight also.  It is whatever firmware came with the scanner -

My main interest at this point is to understand whether this issue is
something that can be solved with some patch to the backend, or whether
it's inherently related to the scanner's firmware or something that is
Epson-proprietary that the SANE developers won't get access to.  Is
anyone able to shed some light on this issue?  It will help me decide
whether to return the scanner as hopeless or hang on to it hoping that a
working patch for the scanner will be available in the near future.

(There are some other issues too like controlling brightness etc. from
the command line doesn't work - e.g. scanning in Lineart mode turns out
too dark compared to what I'm used to from my UMAX Astra 1200 scanner
whose SCSI-interface seems to have broken down.)

Thank you,


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