[sane-devel] testing of the HP Jetscan 2400c

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev@modulonet.fr
Wed Jul 6 04:57:21 UTC 2005

Le Mardi 5 Juillet 2005 12:14, carlos a =E9crit=A0:
> Hi,
>   I have an HP Jetscan 2400c. I have compiled and tried the genesys
> backend, and when I try scanimage -T  it endups in an endless loop.  The
> following trace repeats forever:
> [genesys] gl646_read_valid_words
> [genesys] genesys_low_read_register (0x44, 0x00) completed
> [genesys] genesys_low_read_register (0x43, 0x00) completed
> [genesys] genesys_low_read_register (0x42, 0x00) completed
> [genesys] gl646_read_valid_words: 0 words
> If anyone is interested I can attach a file with the complete traces.
> cheers,
> Carlos.


	the geneys backend doesn't fully support the 2400c. It is a matter of find=
all the constants for it. I have received some USB logs so I should be able=
to find some things, but I have no hardware to test. If you feel so, I can=
start improving 2400c support in the backend. But you'll have to test the=20

	BTW, this seems to be a case where the 'experimental' directory will be=20
handy, since we are preparing for a sane-backends release, and 'normal' CVS=
should get stable.


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