[sane-devel] Nikon LS 5000

Ariel Garcia garcia@iwr.fzk.de
Wed Jul 6 12:10:44 UTC 2005


> Please check out the archives of this list -- we have hashed out quite a
> few times what is necessary, what we have etc. A bunch of people
> (including me) have access to the specifications (under NDA) but not the
> hardware (I don't, for example)

Finally my request for the NDA was accepted by Nikon i was told (took 3 
months because i didn't request it under a company hood)  so i should get 
the specs "soon". I also have the scanner so i hope to be able to get it 
working  ;-)  (hope is the last thing you should loose, right?  ;-)
But i don't promise any timeframe because holidays are already 
scheduled :->

Cheers, Ariel

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