[sane-devel] Nikon LS 5000]

Spiro Angeli Spiro@siriush.com
Wed Jul 6 14:39:53 UTC 2005

Thank you very much Ariel!
Thank you for replying to my question too.

I am glad you are working on this scanner as I see more people needing your 

As for me, I am now very happy because the project I have to work on is very 
big; it involved about 15000 pictures (35mm) and the sponsor, for charity, 
trusts my work. So, on my behalf, I then trust and rely on your assistance.
So, I will purchase the NIKON LS-5000 (feeling more relaxed and peaceful) and 
as soon as you are completed with the driver I will start my project. 
I would only ask you one favor, if possible: Please let me-us know when you 
believe to be close to completing the development and also, if you need me to 
do some testing let me know. I work on amd64 64bit.
I hope to hear something soon or some updates.

Thank you, and GOOD WORK!

> Hi,
> > Please check out the archives of this list -- we have hashed out quite a
> > few times what is necessary, what we have etc. A bunch of people
> > (including me) have access to the specifications (under NDA) but not the
> > hardware (I don't, for example)
> Finally my request for the NDA was accepted by Nikon i was told (took 3
> months because i didn't request it under a company hood)  so i should get
> the specs "soon". I also have the scanner so i hope to be able to get it
> working  ;-)  (hope is the last thing you should loose, right?  ;-)
> But i don't promise any timeframe because holidays are already
> scheduled :->
> Cheers, Ariel

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