[sane-devel] Stuck somehow in porting to Win98/ASPI

Richard Metzger richardmetzger@web.de
Fri Jul 15 10:48:32 UTC 2005

OK - I sticked my nose a bit further into it...

It looks like the parent closes the pipe (because it returns from read() with 0 bytes read) before the child even has had the chance to supply anything into the pipe.

[hp] do_read: Start reading data from scanner
[hp] do_read: entering request to read 32768 bytes   (<- this is from the child)
[hp] sanei_hp_handle_read: EOF from pipe. Stop scan   (<_ this is from the parent)
[hp] hp_handle_stopScan: killing child (16391851)
[hp] hp_handle_stopScan: child signalled, signal = 11
[hp] sanei_hp_device_info_get: searching h2b0t2l0
[hp] sanei_hp_device_info_get: check h2b0t2l0
[hp] hp_GetOpenDevice: device h2b0t2l0 not open
[hp] scsi_inquire: sending INQUIRE
[hp] vendor=HP      , model=C2500A          , rev=3332
[hp] scsi_new: sending TEST_UNIT_READY

Please, what is the design here? Shouldn't the child block the pipe, so that the parent  only returns from read(), when the child wants it to?

Thank you very much in advance.
Richard Metzger
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