[sane-devel] Canon FP330 - Suse Pro 9.3 system lock-up

Kim L. Mantle kimbo at xtra.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 02:55:23 UTC 2005


Sometime ago I had an issue that would only allow 'su' to scan when using my parallel Canon FP330 scanner with Mandrake 9.2.

I recently upgraded to Mandrake LE 2005 expecting to experience similar scanner 'su' issues to that experienced with 9.2 - but hey.... there were none. So to Oliver and all others congratulations - the LE 2005 scanner installation installed without a single blip or hitch.

I have now upgraded to SuSe Pro 9.3....
Perhaps I should've stayed with MDK LE 2005 because now whilst all the packages and drivers are seemingly installed I no find that both xsane and kooka freeze up my box.

By selecting the Canon model scanner when prompted after bringing in either xsane or kooka - both programs (individually of course) open. After selecting the scan or scan preview button - the scanner starts to scan but then halts.....and so does the operating system. The only way out is to re-boot.

Can anyone sort out this mess for me please?

Any little bit of assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated.



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