[sane-devel] Canon FP330 - Suse Pro 9.3 system lock-up

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Jul 20 07:29:09 UTC 2005


On Jul 20 14:55 Kim L.Mantle wrote (shortened):
> By selecting the Canon model scanner when prompted after bringing
> in either xsane or kooka - both programs (individually of course)
> open. After selecting the scan or scan preview button - the scanner
> starts to scan but then halts.....and so does the operating system.
> The only way out is to re-boot.

See for example
how to get debug-messages while scanning is done.

Use for example
dmesg | grep 'parport' | tail -n 20
grep 'parport' /var/log/messages | tail -n 20
to get the last 20 kernel messages regarding the parallel port
(of course before you start to scan which halts the system).

I don't think it is a SANE problem if the system halts when
there is a lot of data transfer via the parallel port.

This looks more like a problem in the low-level parallel port
BIOS and kernel driver level.
I assume you must set up the low-level parallel port stuff
(i.e. BIOS settings and parallel port kernel module settings)
in an appropriate way, see for example
"Background Information".
The continuously changing file name is now "/etc/modprobe.conf".

Note that in contrast to printing for scanning the main data flow
is from the device to the computer so that the simple parallel port
settings which are safe and therefore recommended for printing
may be insufficient for scanning - i.e. for scanning you should
prefer the faster parallel port modes.

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