[sane-devel] HP 7450c problem

Pablo Ares Gastesi pablo at math.tifr.res.in
Fri Jul 22 05:04:41 UTC 2005


    recently I purchased an HP 7450c scanner with ADF and XPA (for
negatives and transparencies). Here is the information of my PC:

   Operating system: Linux
   Kernel version:
   Distribution: Debian testing (codename etch)
   Connection: USB, libusb version 0.1
   Sane backends version: 1.0.15
   Sane backend: avision
   Sane frontends version: 1.0.13
   Xsane version: 0.97

The problem is that neither the ADF nor the XPA work. The ADF (option
chosen in xsane) does not load the documents, while the XPA
(transparency option in xsane) does not start the light of the XPA
attachment, so no negative/slide scanning can be done.

   I have tested the scanner with the HP software and everything works,
regular scanning, the light of the XPA and the ADF loads all pages.

   Any suggestions?

Regards, Pablo Ares.
Pablo Ares Gastesi. School of Mathematics, TIFR,
Mumbai 400 005, INDIA
pablo at math.tifr.res.in 	http://www.math.tifr.res.in/~pablo

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