[sane-devel] how to wake up a scanner

Oliver Kosmann oliver at kosmann.net
Mon Jul 25 22:45:13 UTC 2005

Hello everyone,

First question:
Does anybody know how to wake up an usb-scanner?

The scanner is connected, but goes to sleep after a while. The only two
ways to wake it up I have found are:
1. disconnect and reconnect the usb-wire
2. disconnect and reconnect the power-supply
both solutions are unsatisfying as the scanner (a mustek bearpaw 2400
TA) has no powerswitch ...

Second question:
Does anybody know how to make use of the (otherwise useless) buttons at
the front of this scanner?
(by the way, pushing them does not wake it)

thanks in advance
Oliver Vogel (Kosmann)
Hauptstraße 114
63879 Weibersbrunn

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