[sane-devel] translator question

Dag Rune Sneeggen contactus at dudcore.net
Tue Jul 26 16:30:42 UTC 2005

I'd have to disagree with the both of you here. ;)
Coarse is an adjective, while grain is a noun.
Meaning that coarse calibration is a rough/quick operation, coarse being a modifier here.
Grain calibration means on the other hand, a grainy result from that operation.
Coarse describes the operation directly, grain describes the operation indirectly through the outcome.

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david wrote:
> Jaroslaw Gorny wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to freshen polish *.po file in sane-backend directory.
>> I've got one question:
>> 'coarse calibration' is translated into polish as 'grain calibration'.
>> Is it OK?
>> I think that 'coarse' is rather a synonym of 'quick', 'rough',
>> 'approximate'.
> In this case coarse is the opposite of fine.
> Where coarse is using large steps, and fine is using small steps.
> So yes, coarse will give a quick approximate result.
> Hope this helps
> David

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