[sane-devel] genesys gl841

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Sat Jul 30 05:17:50 UTC 2005

Le Vendredi 29 Juillet 2005 17:23, Pierre Willenbrock a écrit :
> I did some minimal work on the driver recently. My goal was to get the
> scanner(canon lide35) to physically do something.
> The gl841 does not understand the bulk register transfer used for gl646,
> so i modified sanei_genesys_bulk_write_register to do single register
> writes. After fixing gl841_init_registers and gl841_send_slope_table
> (and modifying some other places) the scanner began to move its head. I
> also introduced the functions gl841_bulk_write_data_gamma and
> gl841_set_buffer_address_gamma, because the gamma memory is seperate
> from the rest.
> Although the head moves, the motor control is not complete, and scanning
>  still is not working.
> I attached a patch against experimental cvs for anyone interested.
> pierre


	the patch modifies sanei_genesys_bulk_write_register() to behave differently 
based on dev->model->asic_type. When a common function has two ways of 
working depending on the asic model, and the differences are big enough, we 
better make two specific functions (each in genesys_glxxx.c) and add them to 
the Genesys_Command_Set struct. Calls to the modified function will then be 
replaced by calls trough the function pointer.


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