[sane-devel] Good office scanners with ADF support?

Jens Gulden mail@jensgulden.de
Fri, 03 Jun 2005 18:35:19 +0200

Philip J. Hollenback schrieb:
> So in your opinion if I just use this as a scanner with ADF it will
> work great?  

Yes, for _scanning_ I think so, see below.

> It won't stop working as a scanner if the ink cartridges run out, will
> it?

Today Magenta ran out again (the second time since I installed the 
machine on January, 2nd, so after 5 months I have to get the 3rd set of 
color cartridges)... I even cannot print black-and-white any more. No, I 
wouldn't recommend this device for _printing_...

But it's still able to scan. I assume that this would also remain the 
case if more that one cartridge is empty.

I'm currently testing a pile of exactly 50 sheets to scan with the ADF. 
There have been some problems dragging in the first one, but now it 
continues smoothly. Maybe 40 sheets max. is safer to say, but it's 
definitely more than 20, as stated on Brother's web-site.

> Thanks,
> P.

You're welcome,