[sane-devel] Batch Scanning.

Tyler Hardison tyler@bayfed.com
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 13:26:33 -0700


We're using sane for batch scanning and hit an interesting scenario. There
is a pause sometimes between sheets on the ADF. (Fujitsu 4097).

What I've been able to determine is that not all the doc sizes are the same,
some are as long as 23" So to overcome this I made the default size the
longest doc being scanned.

This means that sane is waiting for 23" of data to come through right?

So my next question is, can scanadf be told to move to the next sheet when
no more data is present? Or is there a signal that the scanner send to
indicate the end of the sheet?

If not can I have a beer?