[sane-devel] patched xcam.c and xcam.man in experimental/sane-frontends

gerard klaver gerard@gkall.hobby.nl
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 20:21:45 +0100

I have updated in experimental sane-frontends xcam.c and
xcam.man with:

-added TXT button for option text line adding to image
 with name, date and time info.
 font_6x11.h  file and add_text routine taken from the (GPLed)
 webcam.c file, part of xawtv, (c) 1998-2002 Gerd Knorr.
 add_text was modified for this program (xcam_add_text).
-font_6x11.h file added to src directory

-added RGB/BGR button option to switch the colors if needed.

-solved segment fault when no usb scanner/vidcam devices
 is attached to system ( bug report from Henning Meier-Geinitz)

-patch update for recording feature (SANE bugreport 300224)
 added SAVE Frame button, output filename box.
 With Save Frame button image can be saved as 
 .pnm .pgm .pbm or .ppm file

-added info row with x, y, image-size, fps count, fps, fps_ava

-added -V and -h option (version and help
-added option -B -buffersize so instead of default input buffer of
32*1024 a buffer of 1024*1024 can be chosen, so for vidcams for example
640x480, usb 2.0, 30fps less time is needed to fill input buffer.

Also some small updates to (for debug output):

A example of the changed layout see:

A example of the added text line:

Before adding the patch to the sane-backends/frontends directory in cvs
i like to know if there are any comments about it.

Gerard Klaver