[sane-devel] Help with USB scanner kernel config

thewade pdman@aproximation.org
Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:36:26 -0700

Hello most generous OpenSource developers!

I am trying to get my old Acer Prisa USB scanner working with my
new AMD64 laptop running Fedora Core 2 and standard linux kernel
2.6.10-lsm. I had the scanner working on my old Pentium 3 laptop
running Fedora Core 1 and standard kernel 2.6.4 but I configured
that kernel so long ago I cannot remember what I did kernel
options I used to get the scanner working. My
/etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf is exactly the same and my u96v121.bin
is there too.
Does the u96v121.bin file need to be different for 64-bit?

Thanks for the help!