[sane-devel] Canon CanoScan LiDE20, SuSE and red faces

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:53:23 +0200

On Sunday 27 March 2005 11:11, Aldo wrote:
> Hello,
> my partner is not linguistic, so I post the question:
> she's running SuSE 9.0 
> with KDE 3.1.4,
> Kooka 0.41,
> SANE 1.0.10;
> the Canon CanoScan LiDE20 was first recognized by the hotplug and 
> problemless installed by SuSE's YaST2 installer-tool.
> But after a few trials, after she increases the dpi resolution for 
> scanning an image (from default 50 to 600 dpi):
> - the scanned result became red, as red-face as possible
> - and Kooka refused since then to do previews or real scanning.
> We read about a bug in Kooka, but ignore if this come from there, or 
> from the Sane version SuSE installed itslef?
> Note: under another (non-free) O S it works of course, perfectly, even 
> if she scans images on 300 dpi, just to say there is no problems with 
> the LiDE20 itself.
> But:
> - is the problem coming from Kooka?
> - now Kooka is dead and SuSE no longer connects to the scanner, does she 
> better migrate to a newer distrib / SuSE version?
> A last note:
> I tried to find Kooka 0.411 in rpm, to overwrite the broken one; 
> not found.
> Now SuSE no longer connects to the scanner I completely ignore how 
> to help her.
> Aldo (Debian and console-mode + braille only user).

As Gerard already suggested, update at least SANE to 1.0.15. as this
version should handle the LiDE20 reasonably well. The 1.0.10 is far too
old. Upgrading SANE within a SuSE system could be done easily -
checkout http://packman.links2linux.de.

Kooka itself as scanning frontend is IMHO not very good. Try use
XSANE. If you need Kooka, then you should probably upgrade the entire
KDE system. Migrating to a newer SuSE is not necessary. I'm running here
a SuSE 9.0 and KDE3.4...