[sane-devel] Nikon LS50/5000

Ariel Garcia garcia at iwr.fzk.de
Wed Nov 2 08:26:47 UTC 2005


> finally I made your patch to work and compiled sane-backends with it. I
> am using version sane-backends-1.0.15

no problem, the coolscan2 driver didn't change since a while ago

> When I run Xsane, I get the option to choose between the two scanners I
> have (Epson and Nikon) and get a new windows with default settings.
> I try to scan, and get this error:
> Failed to start scanner: Error during device I/O

i never saw Xsane, or are you referring to xscanimage?. xscanimage kind of 
works for me, ie,  i get a scanned file ok, but the preview does not get 
the right scales, and the LUT tabs show me just crap inside (but this of 
course has nothing to do with the coolscan backend!)

try "scanimage" from the commandline.
If you get an error there you should enable debugging output and send us 
that output. Something like this will be helpful:

scanimage > photo.pnm

For a real scan, ie, to get a nice looking image, you will need to fiddle 
with the gamma values of the different colors (--green-gamma-table   etc), 
scanimage --autofocus --resolution 1000 --red-exposure 4000  
                 --green-exposure 4000 --blue-exposure 3000 > photo.pnm
gives some starting point

> Also, as my scanner has different media (slides, negatives, etc,) is

i didn't test the negative feeder, but the slide adapter

> there a plae to choose for those settings, and redice, and all those
> nikon settings?

no, there is support for reading the infrared channel data but the driver 
will NOT clean up the image based on that data, it is available for you to 
use it. But I don't know how one can process that in linux afterwards. 

As i told you before, many of the "features" advertised for the scanner are 
actually _software_ features provided by the Windows drivers. You won't 
get that with sane. Other people in this list will perhaps know how to 
imitate those features.

Cheers, Ariel

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