[sane-devel] Install problem with fi-4120C2 under FreeBSD and OS X 10.4.2

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Wed Nov 2 18:31:58 UTC 2005

>> that said, the vertical paper path of these units does leave a bit to be 
>> desired, and i have been thinking of looking at some of the panasonic usb 
>> units that have the laser-jet like paper path. i cannot comment on their 
>> sane support.
>> allan
> Thanks for the feedback. I've also had some concerns about the paper path of 
> the 4120. My first attempt to scan a batch of 15 pages with this scanner led 
> to 6 straight paper jams until I moved the paper guide about 2mm, which 
> seemed to make it happy. I'm worried that my users won't have as much 
> patience. Still, it has a small footprint, makes good, fast duplex scans, and 
> the price is reasonable for our market. Please let me know if you have any 
> luck with the panasonics or something else a little more industrial strength.

this works, though it is hard to explain...

take stack of sheets and hold vertically.
pinch lower edge of stack, hold upper edge loosly
curl the top of stack away from you (fold it backwards)
pinch the top edge, release the bottom
uncurl the stack

now what you have is a perfectly fanned lower edge on the stack, with the 
page farthest away from you hanging down the most. that usually works 


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