[sane-devel] TWAIN 2.0 targetting Linux

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Tue Oct 11 17:09:51 UTC 2005

Stéphane VOLTZ <stefdev at modulonet.fr> wrote:

> 	I believe this is a great thing. Some time in the future, people will be able 
> to bought scanner with the software to have it run immediatly under linux. It 
> is what most people (including me) want. A good point for the so-called 
> 'linux desktop'.

And you're completely WRONG.

What drivers are you going to get with your scanner for Linux ?
Binary-only i386 crappy proprietary drivers written in C++ ?

1. this won't help non-i386 users
2. there are no TWAIN applications for Linux (yet)
3. C++ means the drivers *WILL* be broken at some point by an ABI
   change (because, yes, that's going to happen AGAIN).
4. as the drivers will basically go unmaintained after a year, and the
   source won't be released anyway, you'll be stuck with an unusable

Looks like an improvement to me, indeed. Did you read the code Mustek
sent to Henning ? No ? You should. That's what you'll get with your


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