[sane-devel] Genesys - CanoScan 8400F (pt1)

Brian J Densmore brian at amason.net
Thu Oct 13 08:32:30 UTC 2005

I've tried posting this twice. I'm breaking it up into parts to see if 
it posts.

My investigation of the CanoScan 8400F has so far found the following.

chips :

Scanner chip = GL843    [1]
  I'm trying to get the datasheet on this. It's not
  downloadable yet that I can see. I'll use the 842 datasheet for now.
  I suspect the main differences between the 842 and 843 are increased
  memory support and increased resolution support. The 8400F supports
  3200x6400 scanning and any transparency up to 6x22cm.

Samsung K4S6411632H-UC75, 64Mb, 4Mb x 16 x 4 banks  SDRAM = 8MB. [2]

Wolfson WM8199CDS image digitizer [3]

Allegro A3967SLB microstepping motor driver [4]

Allegro L6219DS Dual full-bridge PWM motor driver. [5]

A few other chips I didn't identify.

Brian JD

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