[sane-devel] Microtek ScanMaker 5800

csj csj at gmx.co.uk
Fri Oct 14 00:16:09 UTC 2005

The note about the Microtek ScanMaker 5800 on


seems clear enough. But has the "unsupported" status changed?

A search of the mailing list archive with keywords "Microtek
5800" didn't turn up any results. I'm interested in the status of
the ScanMaker 5800 support after I read through the list of
scanners in "libsane.db" of Debian's sane version 1.0.16-4
(unstable). Is the file really a list of "USB Vendor/Product IDs
for scanners supported by SANE" or just a list of scanners that
hotplug recognizes?

$ grep Microtek /etc/sane.d/hotplug/libsane.db 
# Visioneer|Microtek Scanport 3000
# Microtek|ScanMaker 5600
# Microtek|ScanMaker 6700
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3800
# Microtek|ScanMaker 4800
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3830 + 3840
# Microtek|ScanMaker 5900
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3600
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3700
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3600
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3700
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3750
# Microtek|ScanMaker 3600

I'm looking for preferably Taiwanese branded scanners (since
those are the only types available in our locale) with a USB 2.0
interface (not just USB 2.0-compatible). My immediate options are
Microtek, Plustek (OpticSlim models) and Genius. Any
recommendations would also be appreciated.

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