[sane-devel] Re: sane-devel Digest, Vol 4, Issue 31

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Sun Oct 23 13:42:36 UTC 2005


[cc'ed to Daniel Tartavel]

On Sun, Oct 23, 2005 at 03:29:41PM +0200, Franz wrote:
> >You can ask for help on the mailing list of sane :
> >http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/sane-devel
> >unhappily, i got this drivers from HP but without support, and i
> haven't these >scanners myself.
> >So i can't help you more, but many peoples install this driver, and
> you must find >help.
> >
> so I can't find help for my problem. I'm new in using linux and I'm
> not able to anderstend your discussion about libsane.so.1.0.13, but I
> suppose it don't can help me.
> Any suggestion?

Sorry, it's not possible to help with such binary-only code. We can't
even know what the code does at all. You really must ask the author.
If the author doesn't want to respond to your questions, most probably
nobody else can.

Daniel, could you please modify the text on your website to explain
that sane-devel can not solve problems of binary-only backends? Thanks.


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