[sane-devel] SuSE 10.0: scanner only works for root

Wolfram Heider wolframheider at web.de
Sat Apr 1 18:55:31 UTC 2006

Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 18:17 schrieb Roger Price:
> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I'd like to review the fix for a "scanner
> problem" for which sane might be wrongly suspected.
> I have a Canon LiDE 20.  I upgraded to SuSE 10.0, and installed a lot of
> stuff.  Now the scanner would only work for root - the users received "no
> device found".  I assumed that this was a scan device permissions problem,
> and wasted a lot of time fiddling with device permissions.
> The solution in my case was to run  /sbin/resmgr list  and notice that
> nothing authorised the Canon scanner.  Since 10.0, SuSE have a new policy
> for resmgr: if it isn't specifically authorized, it's forbidden.  Read this
> good news at http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Scanner_Setup_from_SUSE_Linux_10.0
> .
> For some reason I don't understand, YaST wasn't creating file
> /etc/resmgr.conf.d/50-scanner.conf which sets up the resmgr permissions for
> the scanner, so I created a file /etc/resmgr.conf.d/51-scanner.conf which
> contains:
>   # Allow access to Canon LiDE 20
>   add usb:vendor=0x04a9,product=0x220d scanner
> Once resmgrd was restarted the scanner was available to the users.
> Best Regards,
> Roger

Hello Roger

you may find the fix for this problem on your box under 
In the rear part of this document the few steps to change USB-rights properly 
are described.

Wolfram Heider

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