[sane-devel] Re: ADF jam creating empty output files, Fujitsu (Lonny L. Granstrom)

Martin Schüler Martin.Schueler at gmx.net
Sat Apr 1 21:21:26 UTC 2006

 On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 14:33:01 -0500  "Lonny L. Granstrom"  wrote:
> ...
> Using scanimage, scanadf, and fujitsu back-end, specifically model
> fi-4220C2.
> When an ADF "Document feeder jammed" error occurs I am catching the
> return code and STDERR message.
> Then, allowing Users 15 seconds to clear jam before beginning
> scanning loop again.
> Program written as BASH Shell script.
> Problems:
> 1. scanimage & scanadf both create an output file for the document
> that was not completely scanned due to ADF jam.
> 2. Output file is "blank". ImageMagick identify command finds image
> file construction correct, just empty.
> 3. These "blank" files occur in both PNM & TIFF formatted output.
> Should I code to remove the last output file produced every time the
> "Document feeder jammed" occurs?
> Is there another method or parameter to use to eliminate these "blanks"?

Hello Lonny, 

sorry I'm bad programmer, but a better chemistry / mechanics guy.

1) Paperjam? 
Perhaps it's frequency is concerning to bad rubber conditions.
I prefer to keep the office silent. My agents helps forcing an other:

Instant service rubber refreshing using 
toiletpaper or Q-tip tinctured well with a 1:2 lotion of 
20% CH3COOH (acetic acid solved in water) and C2H5OH (spirit).

My agents cuts the long rubber molecules again and cleans the rubber. 
The effect is like putting old marshmellows into a microwave.
[The CH3COOH concentration (up to 80%) is the power of the microwave.]
So please, don't use to often - only once / twice a year.
If it's not better, try to catch & seriously blame someone else for 
piggybacking you that  burden  -  than  it's really not the fault of the 
transportation rubber !
You may test the effect at an old hard rubber pencil.
[That lotion is also very useful against mildews - and - oh well, for some 
meadow  output - like salads.]

2) Guess there is no SCSI manual for your fi-4220C2 online, 
but it's the successor of my M3092DC.
At the M3092DC there are many flags present, but not evaluated.
So, looking at the "M3092DC SCSI Interface Specification" by
searching about: " A2CA02973-5100 rev 1 " may be a help to you.

If you are a programmer, perhaps you could use
the sections "1.5 Commands,  4.4.4 Request Sense ..." page 37/90, 42/90.

Unfortunately I'm still not able to apply the Fujitsu Company obligation and 
their output with "my" GNU/Linux business demands. 
If you want to have a silent office, DON'T  trust the SANE GREEN STATUS - as I 
AND! - Don't use those "THE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE" scanners for 
Using that Company Output is piggybacking a really hudge burden to you !

Martin Schueler,

- CC-Licence. And NOT a german 1. of April "BAfH" joke. -


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