[sane-devel] ERROR: eula text not found. Looks like xsane is not installed correct.

Steven P. Ulrick lists-sane at afolkey2.net
Mon Apr 3 21:04:01 UTC 2006

Hello, Everyone
Before I bothered you all, I looked at the many answers to all the
other times that this question has been asked in the past.
Unfortunately, none of them seems to answer my problem.

1. Downloaded xsane-0.991
2. Configured and compiled it with the following command:
"./configure --prefix=/usr/local
--with-gimp-prefix=/usr/local/2006-03-31 && make" 3. As root, ran "make
install" 4. As regular user, ran "/usr/local/bin/xsane"
5. Got the following error message:
[xsane] ERROR: eula text not found. Looks like xsane is not installed

That much you expected to see just by looking at the subject line.
Next, I did the logical thing and found out where my working copy of
xsane keeps the "eula" file.  I found it located as follows:

Therefore, I would assume that since "/usr/local" is in my path, and
since I configured xsane 0.991 to be installed in "/usr/local", that
"xsane-eula.txt" should be located in
"/usr/local/share/sane/xsane/xsane-eula.txt"  Since logic says that it
should be there, and I got an error message stating that xsane could
not find it, one would assume that
"/usr/local/share/sane/xsane/xsane-eula.txt" did not get installed.
Unfortunatlely, it is installed where it is supposed to be.  As a
result, I am at a loss.  The version that ships with Fedora Core 5
installs "xsane-eula.txt" as /usr/share/sane/xsane/xsane-eula.txt.
That version works perfectly for me.  The version that I compiled from
source installs it in the same directory, except it is in /usr/local as
opposed to /usr.  This version does not start.

So if you could help me solve this mystery, it would be greatly
appreciated.  Oh yeah, almost forgot.  Just to be sure, I did "rm
-rf /home/steve/.sane" and then attempted to run xsane 0.991.  Still no

Have a Great Night,
Steven P. Ulrick

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