[sane-devel] Umax Astra 2100U, working driver!

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Sun Apr 9 11:50:59 UTC 2006


On 2006-03-29 17:53, Patrick Lessard wrote:
> Here is a new version with comments and license corrected. (I hope it's ok)
> I was looking at the backend and I think I'll need help from the backend 
> authors if they are available. Maybe Marcio Teixeira can help me.
> I'm not sure how to incorporate it.

Write to Marcio directly, I haven't seen him on this list for quite
some time. He may not be active anymore. Still try to contact him.
If he doesn't answer, it's up to you :-)
Obviously, you can ask for help here. Once the code doesn't break the
already working scanner, we can add it into our development CVS.

I haven't checked your changes but the general approach is to check
for the USB ids in sane_init (or sane_open) and set a flag accordingly
for the device that was just detected. In the actual code you just do
something like

if (scanner->type == SCAN_TYPE2100)
  go the 2100 way...
  do the old stuff

everywhere where you changed something.


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