[sane-devel] Wanted: SnoopyPro and SniiffUSB Informations

Martin Seekatz martin at pibbs.org
Tue Apr 18 22:22:41 UTC 2006


In order to find the sane backend settings for my new Canon LiDE 500F 
scanner, I runn it on an Company Notebook with Microsoft Windows XP 
profesional installed (next to Linux). 

I tried to get logfiles with different settings from my scanner.

But the results with SnoopyPro Version 0.22 and SniiffUSB was not 
helpfully at all.

The SniiffUSB  was not working, this means it shows me all of the USB 
devices, but dit not produce any logfile about the USB trafic.

SnoopyPro creates only logfiles, when the scanner device was either 
reseted from this program, or disconnected and reconnected from the 
USB bus. It logs then alway 546 packets and stop logging. 

The problem is, to find a usable explanation for this program. The 
only on I found is verry short and don't give any hints about trouble 

Can any one help with an usefull description?


" Microsoft makes the easy stuff easy, and the rest impossible.
Unix makes everything possible, but nothing too easy."

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