[sane-devel] USB->SCSI converters and sane

David Ronis ronis at ronispc.chem.mcgill.ca
Fri Aug 4 21:53:12 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded my computer and a scsi card I use to connect my
scanner (a Umax Astra 1200S) no longer is supported by the new
motherboard.  There are lots of USB ports though, and I was considering
simply buying a USB-SCSI converter, as it seems to be cheaper than
buying a new card.   Will this work?   I use xsane/sane to use this 

If so, what kernel drivers need  to be built?  I've looked at the SCSI 
kernel configuration options and
nothing jumps out at me (other than USB->Serial drivers).

Please CC me directly as I don't subscribe to this list.

Thanks in advance.


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