[sane-devel] HP 2300C (GL646) head bumps and screams

Bill Dawson bill at billdawson.com
Fri Aug 4 23:33:09 UTC 2006

Hi Folks,
I reviewed the few threads concerning the 2300C from early in May of
this year. E.g. here:

I have the latest sources (2006-08-04) and have looked through
genesys_devices.c, and it looks like Stef did indeed make the changes
exactly as he said he would in those previous threads.  So I was hoping
that everything would work...

But, alas, I get the problem of the head bumping into the end and
screaming at me until I put it out of its misery by pulling the plug.

The good news is that I get a nice looking image file.  But of course
it's no fun pulling the plug every time it's done.

I ran scanimage --mode Color  >scan.pnm  2>debug.log (with the
appropriate debug level 255 environment vars exported) and uploaded the
results to...
... in case someone can have a look for me and maybe offer some advice.

Many thx,

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