[sane-devel] Re: sane-find-scanner detects smartcard reader as scanner

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Aug 8 12:24:13 UTC 2006


On Aug 8 16:49 Parag N(????) wrote (shortened):
> What sane-find-scanner does
> 3)check_usb_file will open each attached usb device and then collect
> USB ID's and it will show you that output.

Not in any case.

There are several other USB devices which are correctly not
shown as scanners by sane-find-scanner.

Right now I didn't check check_usb_file and the functions
which it calls in detail but according to
it seems sane-find-scanner lists any USB device as scanner when
either bDeviceClass = 255 (Vendor Specific Class)
or bDeviceClass = 0 (Defined at Interface level)
   and bInterfaceClass = 255 (Vendor Specific Class)
because those USB devices are "The Usual Suspects" ;-)

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