[sane-devel] Re: Error when reading from Fujitsu fi-5120c

Matthew ecd at centurytel.net
Fri Aug 25 13:54:32 UTC 2006

m. allan noah wrote:
> i am sorry you are having problems. linux has a learning curve
> sometimes, and the fujitsu sane backend has JUST been completely
> re-written to support your scanner. if you wait a few months for your
> distro of choice to include sane 1.0.18, i bet 3/4 of these problems
> will go away.

I wish I could wait, but work has to go on and if I can't get it done in
Linux then it's back to Windows.  I don't want to go back to Windows.

> nothing personal, but you obviously dont know much about linux (the fact
> you reinstalled suse 3 times is a pretty good indication of that), so
> when you then jump off the beaten path and start compiling your own
> code, it is no wonder you cant make it work by yourself.

Your are right I am a Linux newbie.  As far as jumping off the beaten
path... well, what choice do I have.  Either I figure out how to compile
the source and make my scanner work (or find an RPM) or I go back to
Windows and wait.

> dont feel like you have to founder on alone, however. you have only sent
> two previous mails to this list, and you got answers to the questions
> you asked. the same can be true for the rest of the process.
> 1. the log below has no errors in it.
If there are any other logs I can send let me know and I will get them
to you all.

> 2. what program are you using to scan with?
scanimage and xsane.  Both give the same error.

> 3. what are the exact symptoms of the error?
In xsane (not running as root) it says reading gray data, stops at the
very beginning, then after a few seconds comes back with the error
"Error during read: Error during device I/O".  I have to turn the
scanner on and off to eject the pages (it draws in the next page before
the error).

> 4. if you unplug the usb cable and plug it back in, can you scan?
> allan

You guys have been real helpful and show a lot of patience.  That's
probably the only real reason I've haven't given up yet.  Although I
will learn a lot about Linux over time I'm sure I'm really thinking that
Linux isn't really ready for my desktop use.  However, I'm not giving up

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