[sane-devel] Re: Error when reading from Fujitsu fi-5120c

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Fri Aug 25 14:11:25 UTC 2006

On Fri, 25 Aug 2006, Matthew wrote:

> m. allan noah wrote:
>> i am sorry you are having problems. linux has a learning curve
>> sometimes, and the fujitsu sane backend has JUST been completely
>> re-written to support your scanner. if you wait a few months for your
>> distro of choice to include sane 1.0.18, i bet 3/4 of these problems
>> will go away.
> I wish I could wait, but work has to go on and if I can't get it done in
> Linux then it's back to Windows.  I don't want to go back to Windows.

ok, then we make this work.

>> nothing personal, but you obviously dont know much about linux (the fact
>> you reinstalled suse 3 times is a pretty good indication of that), so
>> when you then jump off the beaten path and start compiling your own
>> code, it is no wonder you cant make it work by yourself.
> Your are right I am a Linux newbie.  As far as jumping off the beaten
> path... well, what choice do I have.  Either I figure out how to compile
> the source and make my scanner work (or find an RPM) or I go back to
> Windows and wait.

did you try the suse unsupported sane 1.0.18 rpm? you should be able to 
install that instead of the source compile, if you cant make the source 
work. but no matter, you seem to have the source installed, so lets stick 
with that.

>> dont feel like you have to founder on alone, however. you have only sent
>> two previous mails to this list, and you got answers to the questions
>> you asked. the same can be true for the rest of the process.
>> 1. the log below has no errors in it.
> If there are any other logs I can send let me know and I will get them
> to you all.

ok. place a single sheet in the scanner. run, as root:

SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSU=15 scanimage (your options here) 2>take2.log >foo.pnm

that will attempt to scan, place the error/debug messages in take2.log and 
the image in foo.pnm

if there is an error in the log, send it. if not, repeat.


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