[sane-devel] Regarding HP ScanJet 55xx support

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 21:49:33 CET 2006

El Thu, 07 de Dec de 2006, a las 08:39:25PM +0200, Ilia Sotnikov dijo:
> Today I also decided to try to get an information about ScanJet 55xx
> Linux support from HP as other people did.
> I contacted HP office in Russia to ask them about their plans and the
> possibility to acquire technical documentation in case when no support
> will be available in the near future. I mentioned SANE project as the
> software we need support for. One of the points was the permission to
> release an information or software under one of the popular OSS
> licenses.
> Will keep all of you informed. I hope that some news will be good.

I'm still waiting during two months for any answer to my request of
information about RTS8822 chipset.

Good luck,

Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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