[sane-devel] Libusb - reads and writes?

René Kjellerup rene at keenan.dk
Thu Dec 7 13:14:30 CET 2006


I've been trying to write a sample driver
for the Canon CanoScan 4200F but I have
trouble figuring exactly what the IN and 
OUT endpoints tokens mean. 

Whenever I try write data to an IN endpoint
I get a write error(-2) and the same happens 
when I try to read from an OUT endpoint.

And the reverse seem to work but only 50% of
the time. 
I run my app the first time and it hangs (and
I kill is with a SIGINT) or if a timeout was 
specified it returns an error (-110). The 
second time it just runs through.

So the primary question is, which endpoint does
one write to, and which does one read from?

Pointers to relevant easy-reading on the topic
is acceptable.

Kind regards
René Kjellerup

-- as life grows older, I gain experience.

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